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FAMpod Overview

The FAMpod website represents a resource developed by Dr. Beardslee, Dr. Gladstone, and colleagues to distill what they have learned from years of research, practice, and advocacy into programs they feel will be helpful for individuals experiencing depression, as well as those living with or working with individuals experiencing depression. This effort has culminated in the creation of two free programs:

  • Parent Talk - the latest resource developed for parents facing depression within the family
  • Family Talk - a training course launched 5 years ago designed for clinicians helping these families

Over the past several years, they have developed the Parent Talk website, and are excited to share it now. Parent Talk is an interactive, web-based program created by researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, Judge Baker Children’s Center, and the Stone Primary Prevention Initiatives at the Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College. It has been designed to not only enhance the lives of youth potentially experiencing depression, but also to help parents learn about depression, and learn how to maintain a positive influence on their child’s functioning even if they are coping with depressive symptoms themselves. The website consists of four separate modules: Introduction to Parent Talk, Adolescent Depression, Preventing Depression in Adolescents, and Parental/Adult Depression. Briefly, the Introduction section provides an overview of how to use the Parent Talk resource and outlines printed and online resources for families. The Adolescent Depression module presents information about symptoms, risks and resilience, and treatment strategies for youth depression. In the section on Preventing Depression in Adolescents, they outline evidence-based depression prevention programs. The Parental/Adult Depression module mirrors the module on Adolescent Depression and highlights the differences in symptom expression and diagnosis.

The hope is that through this Parent Talk resource, parents will be able to both learn what adolescent depression is and how to recognize depressive symptoms in their children, understand risk and resilience in teens, learn about treatment and prevention programs, identify effective steps that they can take as parents to strengthen family bonds, and discover available resources. Please visit the Parent Talk website in order to explore this new resource, as well as the Family Talk program intended for clinicians.