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About Judge Baker Children's Center

"Our wide range of thought leadership and expertise allows us to approach challenges from a wide array of angles, helping to find the best and most appropriate solutions for each individual child.  This web of connections makes Judge Baker different - every child is enfolded in our community; every connection is enriched by our collective knowledge."


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Who we are

Judge Baker Children’s Center (Judge Baker) is a non-profit organization that serves children by promoting their developmental, emotional, and intellectual well-being.  

With over a century of proven leadership in children’s mental health issues, Judge Baker helps children and families chart their own best course to grow and thrive.

Over a century of proven leadership in children’s mental health issues

Judge Baker focuses on care that works for children using evidence-based practices.  This means that we help children and families using practices that have withstood rigorous clinical testing.  Our treatments are effective and sustainable.

An evidence-Based practice means that we measure and track results to hold ourselves accountable to children, families, funders, and ourselves.  Our focus on data and quantifiable measures gives us unique insight into the best ways to help children find – and stay on – the best course for them and their families.

An affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Judge Baker attracts leading researchers and practitioners in children’s mental health.  We use their combined insights to create, test, and teach practices that work.  Every child at Judge Baker benefits from this network of expertise.

Judge Baker is unique in its integration of research, training, and practice in children’s mental health.

At Judge Baker, the practices created and tested today will become the best practices of tomorrow.

How it works

We work to build kids up, helping them find - and stay on - the best course for them.  

Our wide range of thought leadership and expertise means we can approach challenges from a broad perspective, helping us find the best and most appropriate solutions for each individual child.

We do this by listening closely to children and families, ensuring that everyone takes an active part in goal-setting and treatment.  These careful assessments help us go far beyond a child’s diagnosis; we focus on what the child and family say they would like to see change.  Sometimes, the greatest change comes from learning a new set of skills, not only from treating the underlying issues.

One of our primary goals is to help children develop resiliency - an internal sense of stability that allows them to cope with daily life.  Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from a setback.  It’s the sense of empowerment children have when they realize they have control over their feelings and behavior.  And it’s the ability to face challenges and continue to move forward.

As we develop programs and teach skills that address the whole child, we work closely with their family to understand their surrounding environment.  We recognize that children are part of a complex system, and we work within that system to help kids succeed.

We track and provide feedback on children’s development at every turn, allowing us to implement course corrections in near real time.  

Often, children who are struggling have adult-sized problems.  At Judge Baker, we give them their childhood back.