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The Summer Enrichment Institute is based on the Summer Treatment Program (STP), named a Model Program in Child and Family Mental Health by the American Psychological Association and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and a program of the year by Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD), the national parent advocacy group for children with ADHD.  STP is also listed in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

Using well-documented treatments that have been shown to be effective through rigorous research, the Summer Treatment Program (STP) has successfully helped more than 2,500 children and families with children with ADHD, by combining a high degree of structure with tailored summer fun. The Summer Enrichment Institute uses STP as a model.

Featured on national television news and in national magazines, STP has been named a Model Program in Child and Family Mental Health by the American Psychological Association.  STP has also been used in clinical trials conducted under the auspices of the National Institute of Mental Health and the internationally acclaimed curriculum is used at sites around the world.


Treatments in STP are carefully tailored to the individual child, created to help him/her find - and stay on - the best course for him/her.  Treatments include:

  • Individually adapted reward and response-cost programs
  • Training in group problem solving, social, and contracting skills
  • Instruction in overcoming learning deficits, including strategies for improving concentration, task completion, and self concept
  • Time outs
  • A daily feedback system for both the individual child and family each day at pick up

We track and provide feedback on each child's development throughout numerous activities every day, allowing us to implement any needed modifications and provide positive feedback. 

We report to you

Because we carefully monitor children’s progress through the entire program, at the end of SEI Judge Baker is able to provide caregjvers (and providers and school teams at caregiver's request) a final report, which includes detailed information about how the treatments worked, and recommendations for the future. 

Parent Training Groups

Parents are an important part of SEI.  During the summer and throughout the following school year, weekly parental group sessions help caregivers develop skills to reduce problem behaviors, improve their child's task skills and relationships with parents and peers, and to maintain and extend the gains made in SEI to the child's home. Parent sessions occur in the evening; child care is provided free of charge.

SEI Staff

The program is led by highly trained, undergraduate students, graduate students pursing advanced degrees in psychology, and educational specialists. For more information on working at STP, please click here for the internship application.

Program Evaluation and Investigation

Judge Baker Children's Center focuses on care that works for children using evidence-based practices.  This means that we help children and families using practices that have withstood rigorous clinical testing.  An evidence-based practice means that we measure and track results to hold ourselves accountable to children, families, funders, and ourselves.

Our program staff are always evaluating how effectively our treatments are working.  We gather data using several methods that help us evaluate both individual and group responses to treatments.

During the program, we may ask you and your family for some information to help us further the understanding of behavioral problems in children. For example, children may be asked to participate in a variety of programs, including performance measures of computerized tasks involving different aspects of learning, attention, and memory, or assessing how children interact with one another in competitive task situations.

We may also ask parents to help us by completing rating scales, or by consenting to be observed in controlled settings that measure different aspects of family functioning.

Before any of these projects, we always ask parents to sign consent forms, so that you will be well informed about the project, and have a full and complete understanding of the project. 

STP Effectiveness

Rigorous research has demonstrated that STP is extremely effective. In a study of a large group of ADHD children over a period of five years, parent and staff ratings of effectiveness were uniformly positive.

  • More than 95% of parents rated both their children and themselves to have benefited from STP and said that they would send their child to the program again if given the opportunity
  • 99% of parents said that they would recommend the program to other parents
  • 96% of parents said that their children not only improved but also liked the STP

These positive evaluations undoubtedly contribute to the very low dropout rate  of only three percent that STP had over the five-year period. STP has been replicated at many sites around North America, including both community and academic settings. All sites have reported the same positive clinical results and parent satisfaction that have characterized the results at our site. The STP has been a component of psychosocial treatment for children in clinical prevention trials funded by NIMH, NIDA, and SAMHSA-CSAP, with similar positive results.