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Health & Wellness at Manville School

 Health & Wellness Updates for the Manville School

Here you will find important health and wellness updates as they pertain to the Manville School. Any inquires can be made to our school nurse, Kathy Desmond.


Manville School regards the physical health and well-being of students as of a very high priority.

It is one of the critical foundations for healthy growing and sets the stage for learning to take place. Wellness has both pro-social and health benefit, teaching children about nutrition as well as how to actively play well together. To that end, every effort is made to provide children with healthy food, snacks, and beverages. Manville School is also committed to providing opportunities for physical exercise throughout the day in both structured and non-structured settings.

The school nurse is always available to consult with students regarding any nutritional or well­ being issues that they may have.


Manville serves breakfast and lunch in our spacious and cheerful cafeteria. Lower and Middle Schools eat family styles, the Upper School utilizes a cafeteria line as a preparation for the transition to high school. Each meal period is 20 to 25 minutes long.

Under the supervision of the Manville chef, students are offered nutritionally balanced meals and snacks that afford a wide range of nutrients. There are ample fruits available daily. There is a salad bar with fresh vegetables daily. Bread is available and is 75% whole grain, as are breakfast cereals.

Portion sizes and food selection meet federally mandated guidelines for both type and size. Fat free and 1% milk are offered with breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Manville does not use food as an incentive, nor do we allow students to drink soda or use vending machines available to staff of the Judge Baker Children's Center. Manville also does not withhold food from students under any circumstances.

Classroom based celebrations in honor of birthdays or holidays take place no more than once a month. The dietary restrictions of students who are diabetic or have food allergies always inform the selection of what is to be served.

In order to accommodate the religious, ethnic, or cultural diversity wishes of students, they can, with the permission of family and treatment team, bring a lunch to school. The lunch must meet the dietary guidelines of our cafeteria, as well as those guidelines particular to a student, (Sugar-free, gluten free, etc.) Even with a meal from home, students can add desired items from the salad bar or fruit bar.

Physical Activity:

Each Manville class has a structured PE class for 30 minutes twice weekly. They learn to warm up before exercising, play fairly, and use their bodies in the service of active recreation. Many Manville classes also schedule "fidget breaks" throughout the day where children can move around, play charades, toss a ball, or do other physical activities.

Each student has a 20 minute recess following lunch each day. There is full court basketball available as well as a soccer field. Manville also provides playing structures specifically designed for sensory integration and the vestibular stimulation that is soothing to many of our students.

Manville supports additional physical activities through the use of schedules field days, flag football tournaments, softball games, and the like.