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Virtual Book Fair

Manville School Book Fair

This year's Book Fair is going Virtual! The Book Fair kicks off November 9th and goes through November 27th.

Enter the Virtual Book Fair


1.  HOW DOES A VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR WORK?  During the traditional Book Fair, each class would visit Rm. 111 with their classmates and teacher where the books were displayed and they would have an opportunity to buy books in person. This year we are excited to offer families a virtual Book Fair with our vendor Best Book Fairs on their website. The website link will be sent out when the Book Fair goes live on November 9th.  We encourage families to look at the books together using the recommendations by grade and the categories on the website.

2.  WHEN WILL THE BOOK FAIR TAKE PLACE? The Book Fair will kick off Monday, November 9th through Friday, November 27th. Books will be delivered within two weeks of the end of the Book Fair.

3.  HOW WILL BOOKS BE DELIVERED?  Families will have the option to have the books delivered to their student’s classroom for distribution or if you pay for shipping orders can be mailed to your home. When you place the order,  remember to select your student’s grade and teacher. If you have more than one student, you may place individual orders to be delivered to each classroom or you may combine the order into one.  If combined, the books will be distributed to the classroom selected. Books will be distributed to B Week students the week of December 14th and A Week students the week of December 21st. Remote families will have the option to come pick up their books, curbside, the week of December 14th (just email with a date and time that works for you).

4.  WHAT IS AVAILABLE AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Our Vendor Best Books provides over 1,000 titles of appropriate books for every reading level and budget to keep the kids excited about reading!  We even stock adult titles!  Easy readers usually cost $4.99, paperbacks start from $5.99, hardcover and specialty books start at about $12.99

5.  HOW WILL I KNOW WHICH BOOKS ARE AT MY CHILD’S GRADE LEVEL?  The categories on the Best Books website are sorted by reading level. You can also ask your child's classroom team for book recommendations.

6.  CAN I BUY A BOOK TO DONATE TO MY CHILD’S CLASSROOM or FAVORITE TEACHER?  Yes! On the Best Books website you will see an option to donate a dollar amount to individual classrooms. This amount will be provided directly to the teacher at the end of the Fair to order books.

7.  WHY DOES MANVILLE HOST A BOOK FAIR?    Manville School hosts the Book Fair to encourage reading in our community. The Book Fair is also a fundraiser that supports Manville programming and donates books to classrooms.