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Camp Baker


What Parents Say About Camp Baker: 

  • To stop feeling failure as a parent and to know you are not alone, attend Camp Baker. There will be connection regardless of ethnic background if youre willing to be honest with your struggles as a parent and your child's needs.”

  • “Camp Baker was a wonderful experience for our whole family. My child felt supported and successful and also challenged to improve. We felt that the staff really made an effort to tailor the interventions to meet his needs. I would strongly recommend this program (and have in fact) to others in similar situations.”

  • “You have tried everything, but the experience with Camp Baker will give you energy and balance.”

  • “Camp Baker was filled with people who met my child where he was at that moment, heard him and understood him, appreciated him. Coming from an environment in which he was barely tolerated, this was exactly the therapeutic setting he needed.”

  • “Our family is happy again!”

  • “My child enjoyed the program and learned coping mechanisms for day to day life.”

  • “We tried other camps, but are son was not successful. He is so proud of this experience and so are we.”

  • “This is the first camp where our child could truly be successful.”

  • “This is our sons 2nd attempt at camp, but this is his first completion of camp with success.”

  • “I left my child knowing he was safe and accepted.”

  • “The only thing I have to say is that he didn't want to leave, every day he wanted to stay extra time.”

  • “Contrary to other summer camp programs, without exception, and some other school environments, I felt I was dropping my kid off somewhere safe, where his self-worth would be built up rather than crushed when he showed himself to approach things a little differently.”

  • “The labeled praise and other aspects of the program improved his confidence and mood.”

  • “Our son is communicating his needs & wants, and accepting our decisions as parents. Our son is totally invested in houses rules, in a way that makes us just smile. His confidence is shining through.”

  • “Camp Baker provided us effective tools and family-wide healing. The staff was enthusiastic and treated my child with respect, compassion, and understanding.”

What Parents Say About Parent Nights:

  • “We learned concrete skills that we put in place at home.”

  • “We felt supported, validated, heard, and that many of our questions and previous pitfalls were anticipated and immediately addressed.”

  • “It was great to connect to other parents experiencing similar things.”


  • 92% of families said they received the help they wanted for their child

  • 100% of families said their child enjoyed his or her experience at Camp Baker

  • 100% of families said they have a better sense of the things they can do to support their child’s needs

  • 93% of families said their child is better able to cope when things go wrong

  • 100% of families would refer others to the program