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Center for Effective Child Therapy

Services We Provide


At the Center for Effective Child Therapy (CECT) at Judge Baker Children's Center, we believe proper assessment is the key to an effective treatment plan for each child. We do this by using scientifically-supported assessment tools and listening closely to the children and families we work with, ensuring that everyone takes an active part in goal-setting and treatment.

Our goals are to determine the initial focus of treatment, identify the best-fit treatment plan and establish a baseline of initial symptoms in order to effectively monitor progress. These careful assessments help us go far beyond a child’s diagnosis so that we can focus on what the child and family hope to change. The assessment includes a semi-structured interview for parents and children and a number of validated psychosocial questionnaires.


CECT works with children ages 2-19 to help them cope with anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and disruptive behavior. Over the past four decades, several interventions have emerged that are consistently proven effective in helping youth with anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive behavior problems. These evidence-based treatments have been proven effective in clinical research trials.


The consultation service at the Center for Effective Child Therapy provides brief mental health consultation for parents and caregivers of children ages 2-19. These consultations are designed to assist families in managing minor emotional or behavioral challenges. 

Individual Therapy

We tailor proven treatments to the unique needs and temperament of each child and family, and we see youth and/or parents for weekly individual therapy sessions. Treatments are short-term, active, and goal-oriented. The Center for Effective Child Therapy treats the following disorders:

Anxiety and related disorders

Depressive and related disorders

Disruptive behavior disorders and related problems