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Center for Effective Child Therapy


What Parents Are Saying About The Center for Effective Child Therapy

  • Extremely thorough … empathetic and caring… We can't say enough about our child’s clinician and the Judge Baker Center, they changed our lives!!!
  • The Center provides research based techniques and strategies designed to help your child handle emotional stressors. The clinician we worked with was very respectful, sensitive, and caring.
  • The Center was a wonderful experience that was the catalyst for my son's amazing progress.
  • Excellent, professional, services that were tailored to my children's specific needs. We highly recommend CECT!
  • Life changing. 
  • Expert, warm and effective.
  • CECT has been a tremendous help for my son… He now has the tools that he can utilize when he is faced with a stressful situation either in school or at home… I know that without the guidance he received at CECT, he would not be in the place he is today.
  • The people at the CECT are a group of compassionate and dedicated professional intent on helping kids and their families by empowering them to know how to deal with life's challenges and difficulties. It is not enough to just talk about your problems, you have to be provided the tools and strategies for dealing with them because even if you solve the problems of today, new ones will always arise in life. The CECT philosophy for treatment is to do just that.
  • CECT provided my children and myself with the tools to help them effectively deal with their social and emotional challenges.
  • We were extremely fortunate that a trusted advisor recommended Judge Baker’s CECT. From the moment of the intake phone call it was clear that it was the right place to be. Our first visit and every subsequent visit confirmed and deepened that first impression of dedication and excellence.
  • I have never experienced or heard of a more effective treatment program than the one at the CECT. It addresses behavioral and mental health issues in children with a unique blend of practicality and empathy.
  • Long after treatment at the CECT rescued us from crisis, both my son and I continue to use the skills we were taught there, to the betterment of both our lives.
  • My child’s therapist was amazing. He did what no other previous therapist had: he established a rapport that was both compassionate and productive.