Center for Effective Child Therapy

Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) Training

Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) is a trauma-informed, field-initiated training for general usage by non-clinical adults who interact with children with a history of trauma. CARE is not a therapy, but uses similar skills taught in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. CARE utilizes the 3 P skills (Praise, Paraphrase and Point-Out Behavior) to connect with children, a set of techniques for giving children effective positive commands, and selective ignoring technique to redirect problematic behaviors. CARE also contains a trauma education component to contextualize the use of these skills with the kinds of behaviors and problems exhibited by children with a history of trauma.

Target Population:

CARE can be used with children of all ages to assist in social emotional learning. It can be generalized to a wide variety of settings and implemented at different levels of intensity. CARE is supported by pragmatic evidence of its effectiveness.

Trainee Eligibility:

CARE training is appropriate for non-clinical or clinical professionals who interact with children. This can include early childhood education workers, pre-school staff and teachers, elementary and secondary school educators, counselors, in-home therapy teams and paraprofessionals, office staff, and many other individuals who have regular contact with children.

Training Overview:

CARE training is offered in two forms based on agency setting, client population, and agency goals.

  • Basic CARE: 3 hour training: Includes demonstrations and active skills-building practice
  • Expanded CARE: 6 hour training: Includes demonstrations, active skills-building practice, live coaching and mastery testing

Continuing education credits may be available for certain professionals.

CARE trainings may be coordinated at your specific agency, or may be available on an individual basis at Judge Baker Children’s Center.

Training costs:

Prices vary based on form (Basic or Expanded) and location of training.

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