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Child Mental Health Forum: Robert Althoff, M.D., Ph.D.

November 2, 2016

Poor Self-Regulation in Children: From Genes to Brains to TreatmentRobert Althoff, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics & Psychological ScienceDirector of Behavioral GeneticsUniversity of Vermont College of Medicine   Clinical neuroscience has struggled to adequately characterize children who have profound problems regulating their affect, behavior, and cognition but who do not meet the criteria for the most severe form of mood dysregulation - pediatric bipolar disorder. These children are best described as having dysregulation (or impaired self-regulation). Twin studi...
Robert Stickgold

Child Mental Health Forum: Robert Stickgold, Ph.D.

October 5, 2016

Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders: Cause or Effect?Robert Stickgold, Ph.D.Associate Professor of PsychiatryBeth Israel Deaconess CenterHarvard Medical School Most of the major psychiatric disorders, including all of the DSM-IV axis one disorders, list dysregulations of sleep as one of their defining characteristics.  Invariably, the assumption has been that the sleep disorder is a consequence of the psychiatric disorder.  But a range of studies now raises the question of the extent to which independent sleep disorders can contribute to, or even cause, psychiatric illness. Studies of children w...
Rodman Ride for Kids logo

Rodman Ride for Kids!

September 24, 2016

Support Judge Baker Children's Center and the Rodman Ride for Kids! Judge Baker is proud to be participating in the 2016 Rodman Ride for Kids.  The Ride will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016 in Foxboro, MA. Our fundraising goal is $125,000 and, with your help, we will reach it! Click here to learn more about the Rodman Ride or show your support for Judge Baker.
JBCC Golf Tournament

11th Annual Golf Tournament

June 20, 2016

Liberty Mutual Insurance Invitational golf tournament to benefit Judge Baker Children's Center Blue Hill Country Club Canton, MA Click here for a list of our sponsors and photos from the tournament
Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

May 5, 2016

Mental SAMHSA -- The 2016 national event will take place on Thursday, May 5, at 7 p.m. EDT in Washington, DC, at The George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs’ Jack Morton Auditorium. The event—Awareness Day 2016: “Finding Help, Finding Hope.”—will explore how communities can increase access to behavioral health services and supports for children, youth, and young adults who experience mental or substance use disorders and their families. The event will be webcast live as a special edition...

Child Mental Health Forum - Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD; Jennifer Turek Queally, PhD; Enrico Mezzacappa, MD

May 4, 2016

"Self-regulation in Children: From Research to Practice to Prevention" From Boston Children’s Hospital: Jane Holmes Bernstein, Ph.D. Senior Associate in Psychology/NeuropsychologyJennifer Turek Queally, Ph.D. Neuropsychology Staff Enrico Mezzacappa, M.D. Senior Associate in Psychiatry The ability to regulate oneself is increasingly recognized as a critical developmental process that is central to adaptive functioning and resilience. Self regulation is the ability to regulate one’s self over time and across changing environments. The evidence indicates that the skills involved can be nur...