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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Center for Effective Child Therapy at Judge Baker Children's Center?

The Center for Effective Child Therapy (CECT) provides mental health assessments and focused, short-term treatments for children, ages 3-17, suffering with anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive behavior. Treatment practices at CECT draw exclusively on evidence-based treatments. All the therapists at CECT have had extensive training and experience treating youth with emotional and behavioral disorders using a variety of proven evidence-based treatment protocols.

Judge Baker Children's Center, founded in 1917, is one of the nation's first providers of mental health services for children and families. With an international reputation for excellence in quality care, research, and training, Judge Baker Children's Center operates programs in special education, community and school consultation, specialized summer treatment, and outpatient mental health care.

What are evidence-based treatments?

Evidence-based treatments (EBT) are specific treatments that have been proven to be effective in clinical trials. In the field of child psychotherapy, it has been shown that certain treatments result in better client outcomes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive behavior. Two of the most commonly used treatments are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and behavioral parent training. Both of these approaches are used at CECT.

How will you determine what kind of therapy my child needs?

At CECT, we conduct an extensive diagnostic assessment in order to systematically evaluate your concerns and the intensity of distress your child is experiencing, as well as the impairing effects the distress has for your child in school, in the community, and within the family.

We use protocols based on years of research to determine if a child is an appropriate match to our treatments, to identify the best treatment for each child and to establish a baseline of initial symptoms in order to effectively monitor progress.

How long is each session?

With the exception of the diagnostic assessment, each treatment session is 50 minutes long. Sessions are conducted weekly.

What can I expect will happen in therapy?

Our goal is to teach parents and children critical skills to address the current concerns and distress, and also to prepare them to meet future challenges. To achieve this, treatment is structured, active both in and out of session, and there is often manageable homework assigned.

Evidence-based treatments, including CBT, are time-limited and goal-oriented. Progress is evaluated continually in order to deliver effective and individualized psychological care.

How long does treatment take?

Length of treatment varies from person to person; however, overall, evidence-based treatments tend to be shorter in duration than other psychological treatments.

How do I start this process?

If you are interested in seeing if CECT could meet the needs of your child, or have other questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

Where are you located?
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