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The need for services from Judge Baker Children's Center has never been greater.  Pressures faced by children and adolescents continue to increase; one in every five children has a diagnosable mental health disorder and many more struggle to learn the skills needed to manage life's growing challenges.  With your support, children and families who need our services can continue to receive the help they require today to live happier, healthier lives over the long term.

With more than a century of proven leadership in children's mental health issues, Judge Baker helps children and families chart their own best course to grow and thrive.  We focus on care that works for children using evidence-based practices to provide effective and sustainable treatment.

Our wide range of thought leadership and expertise allows us to approach challenges from a wide array of angles, helping to find the best and most appropriate solutions for each indidvidual child.  This web of connections makes Judge Baker different - every child is enfolded in our community; every connection is enriched by our collective knowledge.

Thank you for considering joining our network of support for children and adolescents who need it most.


Judge Baker Children's Center is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

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