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Giving Tuesday

Click here to access the full #MakeYourImpact playlist to listen to each of our directors discuss the impact your contribution will have on their programs.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving on December 3rd and is a day meant to encourage the community to donate to worthy causes. Giving Tuesday is all about collaboration and the power of social media. Modern technology makes it easy to communicate a singular message to thousands of people at once, including a request for contributions to a non-profit organization. This connection is meant to pass from person to person and create a sense of generosity and togetherness. We hope you’ll participate this year and help us grow as a community!

#MakeYourImpact by Donating

Contributions have the power to propel a single idea into an incredibly valuable resource or service. At JBCC, we’ve established numerous vital programs to support the mental health of children. Each year we strive to improve these programs through new initiatives and expansions to reach more children and families in need, but we can only do this through the generous contributions of our community. When brainstorming our theme for Giving Tuesday, we could think of no better concept than impact. Your donation directly impacts the services we are able to provide. You, as a donor, have the power to decide which causes are important to you. This level of impact is a powerful tool that you can use to truly make a difference in the lives of those who need support. When making a donation, or even just spreading the word, we encourage you to post on social media using the hashtag #MakeYourImpact. Make your impact so we can make ours.

While Giving Tuesday is officially on December 3rd, you can make a donation any time before the start of the event as well. Donate now by clicking here and selecting Giving Tuesday from the dropdown menu.

Go the Extra Mile with Amazon Smile

Did you know that you can get your holiday shopping done and donate at the same time? It’s possible with Amazon Smile. When shopping online on Amazon, or using the Amazon smartphone app, you can specify that you’d like a portion of your bill to be donated to JBCC.  There’s no additional cost to you.

1.)   Simply select JBCC as your Amazon Smile charity of choice using this link

2.)   Shop to your heart’s content

3.)   Amazon will do the rest!

Again, there’s no extra cost to you! Amazon will take a portion of the money you spend on their products and send it to JBCC as a donation.