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Manville School

Academic Life

The Manville School’s innovative educational program promotes active learning, problem solving and social interaction. Students work in structured, supportive classroom settings where a teaching team—comprised of a certified special education teacher, an assistant teacher and a milieu counselor—works together to provide integrated academic instruction and behavioral support. Instruction is individualized to address the specific learning strengths and challenges of each student.  Manville utilizes a variety of research based curricula and incorporates the Common Core State Standards throughout the curriculum.              

Students utilize Manville's extensive educational resources including a comprehensive literature collection, computer technology and hands-on math and science materials. Manville’s curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and incorporates the Common Core Standards.

We are proud to maintain high academic standards while structuring activities for success – in fact, all Manville students participate in MCAS, the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System.  

Approximately 90% of our 10th graders have passed both the ELA and Mathematics tests and 95% of our 10th graders have passed the Biology Science test, making them eligible for graduation from high school.