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Manville School

Additional Clinical Services

Weekly Classroom Meeting

The Manville staff takes a team approach to working with students. Case managers/clinicians, teachers, milieu counselors, specialists and supervisory staff meet regularly to discuss his or her progress. Team members evaluate a child’s functioning in school and his or her relationships with peers and staff, and construct behavior intervention plans to maximize students’ resiliency and ability to successfully navigate their school routines.

Manville Treatment Planning Conferences

Parents are important members of their child’s Manville treatment team, and we aim to ensure that everyone takes an active part in goal-setting and treatment.

Parents are invited to participate in an annual treatment planning meeting with the rest of the child’s Manville team. At this conference, the child’s team evaluates the child’s progress in the areas of social/emotional development, academics, behavioral issues, peer relations, and other relevant issues.

Crisis Management/Psychiatric Emergencies

Students’ behavioral crises receive immediate de-escalation and safety management intervention by Manville’s staff, all of whom are trained in procedures for maintaining student safety. Milieu counselors, clinicians and educational staff within the school take a proactive and prevention-focused approach when children experience behavioral crises.

In times of behavioral crisis, the hallmarks of the Manville School response include not only behavioral support and skills training, but also a deep commitment to acceptance and understanding.

Clinical Training

As part of Judge Baker’s mission to provide training experiences for mental health professionals, each year the Manville School conducts a training practicum for between six and ten graduate students studying mental health in the Boston area.

Manville has standing relationships with graduate schools of social work, clinical psychology and other counseling/psychology training programs. All trainees are supervised by a licensed, full-time Manville clinician (either a psychologist or social worker) and participate in various training activities during the course of the practicum.