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Computer Technology

The focus of the computer technology program at Manville is to help students develop computer literacy skills and to successfully integrate technology throughout the curriculum. We strive to help students use technology in appropriate, useful and efficient ways.

In the computer lab, students are introduced to basic software applications including word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and multimedia presentations. As students advance from the Lower School to the Middle School and on to the Upper School, they are presented with increasingly advanced skills and applications in these programs. Students also learn to use the Internet, learning search strategies and analyzing the relevance and accuracy of what they find.

Computers are used to support and enrich classroom curriculum by providing additional avenues for learning academic and social skills. Student use AlphaSmarts to facilitate written expression, and use the web for research projects and create multi-media presentations. In addition to basic software applications, a variety of subject-specific educational software programs are also available to enhance the curriculum.