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Manville School Receives Engineering Professional Development Scholarship Award

Engineering is Elementary

We are happy to announce that Manville School has been awarded a competitive scholarship from Engineering is Elementary’s (EiE) special education resources from the Museum of Science.  This program award includes professional development and curriculum materials valued up to $1,000. Manville School will be piloting the program next year in its Middle I school unit. This exciting program is called “Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters”.  

The program is a STEM (Science, Technology , Engineering & Math) curriculum that promotes 21st century skills. EiE is part of the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) housed at our very own Museum of Science in Boston and its goal is to introduce engineering as early as elementary school and continue it beyond college. Students will be engaged as environmental engineers applying the science of water to design and improve a water filter.  The unit will begin with a story about a girl from India who solves a similar engineering design challenge.

Water Water Everywhere

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Special thanks to Manville staff members - Jessica Paula, Anastasia Karasoulos-Vekiarides, and Ashley Lawreck!