Manville School

Family Services

At Manville, parents and family members are essential members of each child’s treatment and educational team. Parents work collaboratively with teachers, milieu counselors, specialists and clinicians to promote the healthy growth and development of their child.

The goal of Manville Family Services is to provide sound, effective family interventions and create a sense of community, involvement, and empowerment among Manville families.

There is an active family support program offering clinical services and educational/recreational supports for Manville families. Parents and family members are also strongly encouraged to participate in a variety of support groups and activities administered by Manville administrative and clinical staff members.

Family services

  • Family therapy
  • Parent behavior management skills training program
  • Parent support group
  • Parent focus meetings
  • Family events
  • After-school and summer program resources
  • Holiday angels
  • Manville Matters

Family Therapy
Difficulties with conflict resolution and problem-solving are common for Manville students, and family intervention can be very helpful in creating more supportive, mutually satisfying family relationships.

Manville clinical staff members experienced in formal family therapy work with parents, caregivers and students to understand and shift patterns of interaction between family members to create more mutual understanding and clearer, more helpful communication.

Parent Behavior Management Skills Training Program
A child’s behavioral difficulties can pose significant challenges for their parents/guardians, disrupt overall family functioning, and impede their ability to get and stay on track. Manville’s intensive training program was developed to address these difficulties, and to assist parents in learning to maximize their skills for creating behavior improvements for their children within the home.

The Training Program is based on decades of research suggesting that changes in parenting practices are associated with positive outcomes for children. In order to maximize parents’ ability to participate in this training program, childcare is provided by Manville staff members during the training sessions.

Parent Support Group
Parents are encouraged to participate in a weekly on-going support facilitated by two Manville clinicians. During these meetings, parents express concerns, suggest solutions and share the experience of parenting their children. Parents bring their frustrations, their successes, and their humor to these meetings. Parents receive the support and guidance they need to meet the educational and treatment needs of their children. We ensure that parents as well as their children are heard, respected and supported.

Parent Focus Meetings
Every six weeks parents can meet and discuss a specific topic led by a professional expert. Some of the topics that have been discussed include:

  • Medication
  • Social development
  • Siblings of special needs children
  • Behavioral management.

Family Events
During school vacations, Manville students and their families participate in planned activities such as ice skating, bowling, canoeing and mini-golf.

After-School and Summer Program Resources
The family support program has established a resource center to assist parents in finding appropriate after-school and summer programs, including both day and overnight camps, for their children.

Holiday Angels
During the holiday season, community businesses and organizations work with our family support team to provide needy Manville School families with gifts, food and other requests.

Manville Matters
Manville Matters is a bimonthly newsletter for Manville families to inform parents about upcoming events and meetings, school news and parent tips, and frequent articles authored by Brina Einstein and Suzanne Tiberii.