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Speech and Language

The Speech-language pathologists (SLP) at Manville School provide assessment, consultation, and direct services for a variety of students, including those with language learning, executive functioning, and social communication deficits. Students are seen by the Speech-language pathologists for either individual or small group interventions.

Our SLP’s work hard to meeting each child where he or she is, collaborating with the student and the student’s team in developing tailored strategies to help meet the student’s academic and social needs.

Additionally, the Speech-Language pathologists co-run Middle and Upper School social communication groups with members of the Manville clinical staff. These groups give students the opportunity to refine their social thinking through explicit instruction, peer interactions, structured group activities, and field trips in the community. In doing so, students often learn additional socially expected behaviors to replace those that have been problematic in and out of school.

Group lessons are customized for the group members based on observation, student input, and parent/classroom team reports of the social difficulties the student has experienced. These lessons cover a wide range of topics and scenarios, including:

  • Basic conversational skills
  • Shopping at CVS
  • Handling disappointment in the context of a “Yankee Swap”
  • “Surviving a party"

The group leaders monitor the generalization of these skills addressed onsite to promote students’ social pragmatics.