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The Modular Approach to Therapy for Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma or Conduct Problems (MATCH) is designed for children ages 6-15 years. Unlike most evidence-based treatments, which focus on single disorder categories (e.g. anxiety only), MATCH is designed for multiple disorders and problems encompassing anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive conduct, including the conduct problems associated with ADHD.

MATCH is composed of 33 modules, or specific treatment procedures derived from decades of research. These modules can be organized and sequenced flexibly to tailor treatment to each child's characteristics and needs. In addition, MATCH can move easily from a focus on one disorder area to another (e.g. shift from anxiety to depression) if the child's presentation should change during treatment.

Clinicians trained in this evidence-based approach can treat over 70% of typical problems presented in outpatient clinics. MATCH provides children and their families with a way to better understand their challenges and tools to help manage their difficulties and improve their functioning.


TRAC is a secure online monitoring and feedback system that evaluates the progress of children receiving behavioral health services on a weekly basis. This system allows children and caregivers to complete brief progress reports (2-3 minutes) from home, which include a combination of standardized assessment questions and client-generated top problems. 

The reports deliver essential information in a graphical format to the clinician, who can then determine if a patient is responding to treatment, whether the treatment requires adaptation, and when treatment gains have been achieved and treatment can end. This system allows for close communication and collaboration with families as well as a way to further personalize evidence-based treatments to each unique child and family.