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Honoring 25 years at Manville School ~ Brina Einstein

Brina Einstein

Brina Einstein came to Manville School in September of 1991 as the Assistant Director of Manville’s Parent Support Program. In 1999 she assumed the mantle of directing the program, and her work has since evolved over time to reflect her seemingly endless energy, creativity and initiative. For years now, she has juggled a wide array of tasks and programs. She leads the Parent Support program and its Parent Support group. Scores of parents have cycled through this group and found Brina’s ability to create a safe, supportive atmosphere crucial in helping them heal and move things forward for their children. She has also directed Manville’s Mentoring program, recruiting graduate students to serve as mentors for Manville students.

With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, she has also developed a range of other support programs for students and families -- the Holiday Angels gift program, family events during school breaks, summer camp experiences, and co-writing Manville’s newsletter for parents and colleagues.

Brina has always been a warm-hearted, cherished colleague and member of the Manville team. She may be retiring from her role at the end of this coming summer, but her impact on the Manville community will continue for years to come.

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