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Attending College with Social Communication Deficit - Part 1

Attending College with Social Communication Deficit - Part 1

June 6, 2019

Click here to download full article. At an early age James* was diagnosed with ADHD and General Anxiety Disorder. After struggling to succeed in a public school setting, he attended a private high school where he was able to complete his studies in 4 years and graduate with his class in the spring of 2016. Following graduation, he decided to pursue a lifelong dream of attending college, studying Computer Science to support his growing interest in computer programming. As p...
Girl and father

Does Therapy Work?

May 7, 2019

Nancy K. Gajee, Ph.D. & Matthew J. Pecoraro, MSW From May 5th to May 11th we celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness week. This annual event invites us to reflect on the ways we can help children grow, learn, and thrive - especially the one-in-five children that the CDC reports struggle with diagnosable mental health concerns.** Here we address some common questions we’ve heard parents, teachers, and even youth ask about ways therapy can help when children struggle with emotional and behavioral issues. Does therapy work?Yes! Therapy works for many of the mental health problems exp...
Nancy Gajee

Judge Baker Children's Center Names Nancy K. Gajee, Ph.D. as Director of Outpatient Clinical Services

April 26, 2019

In this integral senior leadership role, Gajee will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the outpatient clinical services provided by JBCC. BOSTON, MA (APRIL 26, 2019) - Judge Baker Children’s Center (Judge Baker), a national leader in children’s mental health, named Nancy K. Gajee, Ph.D. to the role of Director of Outpatient Clinical Services. Gajee will have oversight over Judge Baker’s outpatient programs, including the Center for Effective Child Therapy, a clinic providing mental health assessments and focused short-term treatments for chi...

PCIT Basic Training - starts May 6, 2019!

April 3, 2019

Become a PCIT therapist! Register now for our upcoming PCIT training, led by JBCC’s own PCIT Master Trainer, Dr. Rhea Chase, and Dr. Joshua Masse of the Boston Child Study Center. To learn more about PCIT, visit: To register for the training, contact: Read more

President's Blog ~ March 2019

March 5, 2019

As winter draws to a close, the final weeks of often dark and dismal days slowly begin to give way to the signs of spring. The long winter months can be difficult for those of us who live in the northeast, and seasonal depression is common as winter wears on into February and March. Children are working hard in school with summer seeming a distant future. For some children, the lack of being able to go outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine can lead to them feeling cooped up and needing an outlet. Some families may seek help at our Center for Effective Child Therapy to ...
Marcy Ravech

Judge Baker Children's Center Names Marcy Ravech, MSW As Director of The Quality Care Initiative

January 22, 2019

BOSTON, MA (JANUARY 22, 2019)- Judge Baker Children’s Center (Judge Baker), a national leader in children’s mental health, named Marcy Ravech, MSW, who most recently served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program, to the role of Director of the Quality Care Initiative. The Quality Care Initiative works to create lasting improvements in the quality of behavioral health care and other services for children and families. Ravech, as lead of the Quality Care Initiative team, will be developing new collaborations and partnerships to expa...