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Next Step


What Parents (and Students) Are Saying About Next Step

  • For me, as a parent, I appreciated thinking about my messaging to my teen. I often say things in the moment that don't reflect my more genuine values or concerns --- and I have slowed that reaction down a bit following our session to focus more on the positive, less on the negative. I don't think I could have done this a year or two ago, but -- now that my child is older? Or now that I know he will be leaving for college -- I can suddenly appreciate the limited time I have with him and I want that time to less stressful than it has been in the past.
  • My child really liked the leaders. She felt like they talked to the kids like normal people. She doesn't like being spoken to in "therapist speech"
  • My son emerges from these sessions feeling more confident and competent -- and I, as a parent, emerge feeling like I can slow down, appreciate my child, and take some of the pressure off of both of us. I leave the Next Step sessions with a fresh perspective, realizing that my son's differences can also be considered his strengths.
  • The Next Step Program is helping my son learn many of the skills that he will need to succeed in college. I am very grateful for that.
  • Our son absolutely loves Next Step. Attendance in both the summer and school year program has transformed his vision of himself and his future. Having the opportunity to learn about and prepare for college life with his 'peeps' is invaluable. We are so fortunate to have found such an amazing resource!
  • I love the fact that the program takes the students to different colleges--teaching skills in different environments. I think it helps them to generalize the techniques they are learning to new situations they will encounter.
  • Next Step provides a valuable, thoughtful, and practical bridge for families making the transition from high school to college.
  • A profoundly life-changing experience- I now believe in myself and my ability to be successful at the college level as well as whatever the next step happens to become – Next Step Student
  • My son has become much more comfortable on college campuses and his transition to moving into college in another state was seamless.
  • It's amazing how many successes my daughter has had in a relatively small amount of time. I've gone from worrying whether she'd survive high school and graduate to how am I going to afford four years of college. It's a good worry!
  • We notice a big change on our child self-confidence and attitude toward college. It gave him the ability to see for himself what he was able to do! We always had confidence in him but it gave him a chance to experience and see for himself all the skills he had and the ones he has to work on!!
  • Next Step has changed the course of my child's future. While academically successful, she lacked the social and self-care skills to live independently away at college. After the Next Step program, that has changed. Perhaps she is not as capable as the typical freshman, but almost, and she has learned how to find and access services for help.
  • We are grateful for all the resources available to us. Since each child is so different, it can be a challenge to apply what is suggested. The Next Step staff shows us how to adapt technics, listens to our specific issues, and helps to find a path to take. Everything that is offered has kindness and respect at its core. What a better world we are building when we start with kindness and respect.
  • My son has already gotten together outside of the program with one of the other kids. It is so helpful being with other parents who are having the same exact issues.
  • The presenters had an amazingly in/depth knowledge of the challenges kids like ours face… as well as the difficulties they are likely to face in transitioning to college. They also showed real interest in getting to know each child. My son felt very comfortable with the leaders, as I did.
  • Just the fact that we are allowing these kids to practice real world independence, will help them with their self-confidence. College won't seem so scary because they've already done the things that can cause the greatest anxiety. I can't say enough about this program!
  • A wonderful opportunity for young adults to independently practice new social skills in real-world situations with proper adult observation to keep them safe and on track.
  • We have been in many parent support groups, but this group has a different element. Perhaps it's the parent make up, perhaps it's the staff guidance, whatever it is - it's working and we are grateful.
  • I think this is a unique and wonderful program. I feel fortunate that we found out about it.
  • Thank you. You're so educated, experienced, skilled and caring!
  • Thanks for laughter as well as encouragement.
  • This is a really terrific program and I'm grateful that we found it!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's not often you meet such a committed team of professionals who work so well together. A great program.