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Training & Implementation

Professional Training Program

Judge Baker Children's Center is a nationally recognized institution providing professional training that has developed leaders in the field of mental health and special education for nearly 100 years. We work with both students and established professionals in the fields of psychology, social work, early childhood, special education, psychiatry, nursing, and mental health counseling to learn and apply the principles of evidence­ based practice. Our approach to professional training helps improve the quality of services for children and their families by developing trainees into outstanding professionals.

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Quality Care Initiative

The Quality Care Initiative at Judge Baker Children's Center works to create lasting improvements in the quality of mental health care and other services for all children and families. Our expert staff works collaboratively with families, service providers, schools, state agencies, academic institutions, and funding organizations to help ensure that all children and families have access to the highest quality care. 

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Child Mental Health Forum

The Child Mental Health Forum is one of the longest continuously running lecture series in the country.
Forum presenters are renowned clinical, research, and academic leaders in child and adolescent mental health.
The Forum aims to provide intellectually stimulating information on scientific advances and evidence supporting clinical practice and research.

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Clinical Research Training Program

The Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP), originally founded by legendary scientist Stuart T. Hauser, MD, Ph.D., has been in operation for 35 years. It is distinguished by its commitment to multi-disciplinary training, including that of outstanding students drawn from a spectrum of sciences relevant to clinical psychiatry research. Student fields range from basic biological brain research, to family studies, to longitudinal developmental studies of psychopathology and resilience.

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