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The Dr. William R. Beardslee Fund

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In March of 2012, Judge Baker Children's Center established the Dr. William R. Beardslee Fund. The fund was established to honor Dr. Beardslee’s distinguished career as a child psychiatrist and researcher, and to enable Judge Baker researchers to pursue high impact research in children’s mental health.  Much of Dr. Beardslee’s work has focused on building a science of prevention of depression in children. However, the fund will also support other important research in children’s mental health taking place at Judge Baker.

Some recent highlights in Dr. Beardslee’s research this year include:

  • Presenting as a keynote speaker at the recent annual LAUNCH meeting. LAUNCH is a SAMHSA federal program designed to bring together educational, mental health, and pediatric professionals working with children zero to eight.
  • Having a report accepted for publication that demonstrates effective prevention of episodes of major depression in high risk youth, even after a 33 month follow-up. 
  • Publishing, along with colleagues, two influential papers in the American Psychologist, one on the prevention of depression and the other on the role of poverty in children’s development.
  • Writing, with colleagues, about the nation-wide implementation of his Family Talk intervention in Finland and Australia.

Research is the key to improved treatment.  Your gift to the Beardslee Fund will support Judge Baker’s continuing contribution to research-based mental health practices for children and families.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Fitzsimons by email or call 617-278-4279.