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Welcome Parents!

Our new Parent Portal is designed to be accessible and provide another way for parents to feel more connected to Manville School and other parents.

The Portal will have useful information, such as:

  • An updated calendar with school and family events
  • Monthly lunch menu
  • Descriptions of Wednesday night support, focus, sibling, educational and PAC groups

As parents request more information, it will be added to the Portal. Current pictures of Manville students and staff engaged in all school activities will also provide parents with a real sense of the breadth of life at Manville.

The Parent Portal will allow parents to communicate with other parents, providing a vehicle for networking and acquiring resources, ideas and support.

Visiting the new Parent Portal will be another way for parents to stay informed, connected and involved during their child’s time at Manville School.

We want to hear from you! If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for the Parent Portal, please contact Ellen Sandoval.

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