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As a parent, you are uniquely tuned into the feelings, emotions and health of your child. When a child is struggling, it is often the parent who notices first—but it can be hard to determine if the problem is temporary or if professional assistance is needed.

The Center for Effective Child Therapy at Judge Baker Children's Center is here to assess and treat your child's mental health issues. We do this by using proven assessment tools and listening closely to the children and families we work with, ensuring that everyone takes an active part in goal-setting and treatment. Our careful assessments help us go far beyond a child’s diagnosis; we can focus on what the child and family hope to change. The varieties of assessment tools and treatment protocols we use have been proven effective in clinical trials.

In the field of child psychotherapy, it has been proven that certain treatments for anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive behavior result in greater and longer lasting outcomes for youth. Most of these proven treatments are cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT), and may include working with youth and/or parents.

Anxiety and related disorders

Children, teenagers and adults feel anxious or worried at times. However, a child or teenager who experiences anxiety to an extent that is interfering with everyday life may have an Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety in children and teenagers can surface for a variety of reasons from social interaction with peers to academic pressure or a traumatic life event. We treat the following anxiety and related disorders at the Center for Effective Child Therapy:

Depressive and related disorders

Children and teenagers who are experiencing depression feel sadness and emotions differently than their peers. They often lose interest in everyday activities and are bored with life. The depression may manifest itself with friends, school, appetite or sleep patterns.

Depressed children and teenagers are often moody, angry, unpredictable and challenging to reach. If a child or teenager's symptoms begin to interfere with his or her ability to function, it may be time to seek professional help. We treat the following depressive and related disorders:

Disruptive behavior disorders and related problems

All children test limits or are disobedient on occasion. However, when a child is repeatedly defiant, oppositional, or hostile, and this behavior is negatively impacting the child's relationships with family members, peers, or in school, he or she may have a disruptive behavior disorder. We treat the following disruptive behavior disorders and related disorders:

How you can help your child

The Center for Effective Child Therapy team is here to help you assess your child's mental health and develop an effective treatment plan. Contact Us to begin.