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Pediatricians are well-positioned to know children and teens at all ages and stages of their lives, giving them a unique window into patients’ social and emotional development. While pediatricians are well equipped to manage the medical needs of patients, there may be mental health issues and needs that are better addressed by a mental health professional—but as trusted and familiar professionals, families often turn first to pediatricians for recommendations in these instances. The Center for Effective Child Therapy (CECT) at Judge Baker Children's Center is here to partner with pediatricians to assist children and teenagers with outpatient mental health needs.

Our highly trained staff provides evidence-based assessment and treatment, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), for youth experiencing behavioral health concerns. We treat children and adolescents with issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, and disruptive or oppositional behavior.

The Center for Effective Child Therapy works with children ages 2-19. We utilize a variety of proven assessment tools and evidence-based treatments to work closely with youth and their parents to address issues and to give them tools to face challenges today and over time. Our focus on skill-building develops resiliency, the ability for children to adapt tools as they move through developmental phases.

If you are treating any children or adolescents with anxiety, depression, trauma, or disruptive behavior problems who might benefit from these mental health services or whose families are interested in such services, we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you regarding their care.

At the Center for Effective Child Therapy, we are dedicated to helping our community learn more about children’s mental health, identify interfering problems, intervene effectively, and build resiliency for our kids. As you plan next year’s programming for your staff, CECT has prepared a number of customizable presentations and workshops to help you address your patients’ mental health needs. A few sample topics are listed below, and we are happy to work with you to create a program based on your specific interests. These programs are offered as a free resource to the community and we hope to have the chance to work with you.

Sample presentations include:

  1. “Stressed Out Kids: Helping Children Worry Less and Enjoy More”
    • Learn to recognize signs of anxiety
    • Understand the difference between typical childhood worries and an anxiety disorder
    • Understand how to help children face their fears
    • Know when to seek professional help

  2. “Stop Fighting Over Everything: Managing Problematic Child Behavior”
    • Understand why children are noncompliant
    • Learn developmentally appropriate behavioral techniques to help children
    • Enjoy spending more time with children
    • Know when to seek professional help

  3. “Beating the Blues: Keys to Helping Children Feel Happier”
    • Learn to recognize signs of depression
    • Understand the difference between typical childhood sadness and a depressive disorder
    • Understand how to build a toolbox for resiliency
    • Know when to seek professional help

  4. “Paying Attention to Children’s Needs: ADHD and Effective Treatments”
    • Learn to recognize signs of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity
    • Understand the different subtypes of ADHD
    • Learn ways to support children with behavioral techniques that can be used at school and at home
    • Know when to seek professional help