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President's Blog ~ March 2019

As winter draws to a close, the final weeks of often dark and dismal days slowly begin to give way to the signs of spring. The long winter months can be difficult for those of us who live in the northeast, and seasonal depression is common as winter wears on into February and March. Children are working hard in school with summer seeming a distant future. For some children, the lack of being able to go outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine can lead to them feeling cooped up and needing an outlet. Some families may seek help at our Center for Effective Child Therapy to get through these difficult months, particularly if their children are experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, traumatic stress or disruptive behavior. Parents and caregivers also begin to look for options to keep their kids busy and give them the exercise and peer interaction they need, and also start to look towards summer and think about activities that can keep their children active and engaged once they are out of school. 

Summer camps are a popular way for kids to occupy their time, and can be both enjoyable and enriching experiences. Some families struggle as a result of their child’s behavioral health challenges, such as ADHD, which impacts their child's ability to successfully participate in the summer camp experience. That is why Judge Baker Children’s Center is launching Camp Baker at Hale Reservation in Westwood this summer. This summer camp is special in that it not only is a fun and enriching summer experience for kids with ADHD, it also is a therapeutic experience that helps children with challenges be successful in a summer camp environment. The strategies used to help and support children at Camp Baker have been proven to work with kids who otherwise might struggle in a traditional camp without adequate supports. And the best part is, most parents see changes at home as well and learn new skills that can help their child be successful. If your child with ADHD or someone you know could benefit from Camp Baker, please call us at (617)278-4286, email or click here to visit the Camp Baker webpage. In these last few weeks of winter, we hope that the coming spring thaw brings happy thoughts of the warm summer to come!