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President's Welcome

Judge Baker Children’s Center is a nationally recognized center of excellence for children’s mental health and special education, and we continue this tradition through our current programs and initiatives. In recent years we have seen many exciting changes at Judge Baker, including new leadership and strategic directions for the future. I assumed the role of President and CEO in August of 2014, and since that time have been working closely with our Board of Trustees and expert staff to expand and strengthen our efforts to reach even more children and families. Our work includes providing the highest quality care in mental health and special education, conducting research, providing consultation and leadership in mental health policy and practice, and training the next generation of professionals.

The programs and services at Judge Baker help children and families in a multitude of ways. Manville School, a special education school for children in grades K-10 continues to provide the highest quality education to children with behavioral health and emotional challenges. Judge Baker’s Center for Effective Child Therapy provides mental healthcare to children in the greater Boston community ages 2-19. We utilize evidence-based treatments that target problems such as anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and disruptive behavior. We also provide ongoing support and guidance to parents and caregivers to help support their children’s healthy development. Our NEXT STEP: College Success and Independent Living program is designed for teenagers, grades 10-13, who struggle with the challenges of social language deficits and/or developmental disorders. NEXT STEP focuses on developing the appropriate skills for these teenagers to prepare for campus life. And our Summer Enrichment Institute provides a five-week summer camp-like program for children with behavioral challenges and ADHD. These range of direct services are provided from our campus in Mission Hill near the Longwood medical area in Boston.

Other core programs at Judge Baker continue to flourish, including the after-hours child abuse and neglect hotline that we host for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. More than ever, families who need access to urgent care and assessment for vulnerable children can turn to our hotline for expert screening and triage of their needs. We also continue to be the host for the New England Association of Child Welfare Commissioners and Directors (NEACWCD). This organization provides a vital professional network and training opportunities to child welfare agencies across New England.

An important ongoing area of growth, where we expect to see significant expansion in the future, is our Quality Care Initiative. In this role, Judge Baker works to improve the quality of care for children and families at the policy and systems levels. We work with state agencies and provider organizations to deliver professional training to mental health providers in cutting-edge treatments and improve access to quality care. Understanding what it takes to bring research to practice in real world settings, we provide support around training, implementation, quality improvement, evaluation and sustainability planning. Our vision is to ensure that every child and family has access to the highest quality care available.

Please explore our website and learn about the programs and services we offer. We, at Judge Baker, believe that every child is important and deserving of the best we have to offer. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact me or our expert staff.


Dr. Bob Franks
President and CEO