Quality Care Initiative

Quality Care Initiative

The Quality Care Initiative at Judge Baker Children's Center works to create lasting improvements in the quality of mental health care and other services for all children and families. Our expert staff works collaboratively with families, service providers, schools, state agencies, academic institutions, and funding organizations to help ensure that all children and families have access to the highest quality care.

Our Approach

We translate the most cutting-edge research and proven strategies for helping children and families into sustainable practice changes in real world settings. By using thoughtful, evidence-informed, and carefully planned implementation strategies, we work to close the research-to-practice gap. Expert staff at Judge Baker engage in seven different evidence-informed strategies to achieve our goal to improve the quality of care.

Our Strategies

Purveyor of Evidence-Based Practices

A central activity of Judge Baker's Quality Care Initiative is disseminating evidence-based practices; interventions that have been proven to be effective to treat targeted behavioral health problems in children and families. Acting as a purveyor involves collaborating with treatment developers, providers, state agencies and/or funding organizations. Staff at Judge Baker have extensive expertise in a wide range of evidence-based practices that serve children from early childhood through young adulthood. Judge Baker utilizes structured implementation strategies in its role as a purveyor in order to ensure good outcomes and promote sustainability.

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Consultation and Technical Assistance

We provide consultation and technical assistance to organizations that provide behavioral health services for children and families as a primary strategy to improve the quality of care. Organizations may seek consultation from Judge Baker about identifying and implementing best practices within a continuum of care, or in some instances, ask our staff to provide specific products or tools to improve outcomes. Other consultations may be time limited and utilize specific strategies to target identified needs.

Quality Improvement

Judge Baker's quality improvement strategy utilizes a flexible and individually tailored approach to monitor, measure, and improve the delivery and outcomes of services and supports for children and families. Our expert staff work with provider organizations, state agencies, and community stakeholders in a variety of capacities to promote higher standards of care. We routinely use data to inform our work, often utilizing measurement and feedback systems and data management systems as tools to improve the quality ofcare.

Training, Public Awareness, and Education

Judge Baker staff engage in ongoing efforts to train and educate both professionals and consumers of mental health services, as well as academic and community partners.  By sharing the outcomes of Judge Baker's work in a variety of forums, Judge Baker consistently works to raise awareness about the importance of delivery high-quality, effective behavioral health services.  Examples of public awareness activities may involve developing resources, materials, and policy briefs and reports to help educate professionals who delivery care, developing resources for parents and caregivers, or promoting workforce development and organizational capacity needed to improve the quality of care.  Click here to learn more about our Professional Training Program.

Best Practice Model Development

Many promising practices are developed to address the needs of children and families in the community. Judge Baker staff will work with community-based providers, researchers, model developers or academic institutions to further operationalize, describe, or establish best practice models.  Further, we can develop the necessary mechanisms to ensure fidelity to the models and promote quality improvement, develop implementation and dissemination strategies, and conduct the necessary research to help establish the effectiveness of the models in real world settings.

Outcome Evaluation and Research

Judge Baker will work with its collaborative partners to develop and implement comprehensive evaluation and research strategies. Examples of our work include providing outcome evaluation for established evidence-based practices, promising or community-based practices, statewide initiatives, or grant-funded programs. We also conduct implementation research, participate on Institutional Review Boards, or partner with academic institutions to conduct advanced statistical analyses. 

Policy and Systems Development

Our expert staff actively engage in systems and policy development that helps promote and improve behavioral health care at the local, state, and national levels. We actively participate in statewide forums, task forces, and advisory boards and serve as a resource to policy makers, provider organizations, and state agency leadership. Judge Baker works to educate and inform key stakeholders on the most up-to-date and scientifically supported methods and treatments that produce positive outcomes for children and families.

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