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Research at Judge Baker

Our Research

Judge Baker Children's Center has nearly a century of proven leadership in advancing understanding about children with mental health and behavioral problems. Judge Baker’s innovative research is aimed at developing and improving strategies to help children find—and stay on—the best course for them and their families.

As an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Judge Baker attracts leading researchers and practitioners in children’s mental health. We use their combined insights to create, test, and teach practices that work.  Every child at Judge Baker benefits from this network of expertise.

Our network of programs allows us to take research from theory to practice, creating a circuit of knowledge between research and patient care, education, training and dissemination.

Our focus on tracking quantifiable measures in every facet of our organization ensures that our research draws upon a unique depth and breadth of data. This circuit allows us to develop effective, sustainable treatments and measure their success. At Judge Baker, the practices created and tested today will become the best practices of tomorrow.