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The stresses children face are increasing, along with the number of children who need mental health care to treat deeper diagnoses.

Depression. Anxiety. Behavioral conduct problems. Many children in the educational system need help with emotional and behavioral problems beyond the resources available in school. Whether you have too many children in need to treat effectively, have children with complex issues that your school is not able to address, or need assistance in engaging parents, the Center for Effective Child Therapy is here to provide additional support.

Judge Baker Children's Center is a Harvard Medical School affiliate with nearly a century of leadership in cutting-edge youth mental health research and practices. Our Center for Effective Child Therapy specializes in cognitive and behavioral treatments (including CBT) which have been scientifically proven in clinical trials to both make children feel better and reduce treatment time. Our treatment model addresses the complex needs of children today, while providing children and families with a toolkit of skill-building solutions to support and sustain overall mental health.

We are eager to help you help the children and families in your school system. If families and schools are interested, we can partner with schools to make sure gains are extended into the school setting.

At the Center for Effective Child Therapy, we are dedicated to helping our community learn more about children’s mental health, identify interfering problems, intervene effectively, and build resiliency for our kids. As you plan next year’s programming for your staff and parent-teacher organizations, CECT has a number of customizable presentations and workshops to help you address your students’ mental health needs in the classroom and at home. A few sample topics are listed below, and we are happy to work with you to create a program based on your specific interests. These programs are offered as a free resource to the community and we hope to have the chance to work with you.

Sample presentations include:

  1. “Stressed Out Kids: Helping Children Worry Less and Enjoy More”
    • Learn to recognize signs of anxiety
    • Understand the difference between typical childhood worries and an anxiety disorder
    • Understand how to help children face their fears
    • Know when to seek professional help

  2. “Stop Fighting Over Everything: Managing Problematic Child Behavior”
    • Understand why children are noncompliant
    • Learn developmentally appropriate behavioral techniques to help children
    • Enjoy spending more time with children
    • Know when to seek professional help

  3. “Beating the Blues: Keys to Helping Children Feel Happier”
    • Learn to recognize signs of depression
    • Understand the difference between typical childhood sadness and a depressive disorder
    • Understand how to build a toolbox for resiliency
    • Know when to seek professional help

  4. “Paying Attention to Children’s Needs: ADHD and Effective Treatments”
    • Learn to recognize signs of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity
    • Understand the different subtypes of ADHD
    • Learn ways to support children with behavioral techniques that can be used at school and at home
    • Know when to seek professional help

  5. “Because You Have to Go: Helping Kids Who Refuse School”
    • Discover the reasons children refuse school
    • Learn helpful tactics for getting your child to attend more reliably
    • Communicate more effectively with school
    • Know when to seek professional help