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World of Children

Established in 1988, with the final event held in 2012, the World of Children Awards Celebration honored individuals and organizations that have made scholarly and/or humanitarian contributions to the well-being of children.  Donors and other members of the Judge Baker community came together to celebrate not only the prestigious honorees but also the rich history of Judge Baker and the impact this organization has had on so many young lives, both nationally and globally.

The Awards recognized a lifelong dedication to:

  • Helping troubled youth through mental health services
  • Creating model early-intervention programs
  • Implementing effective governmental responses to children's learning and developmental problems
  • Supporting human and civil rights in America and abroad so children can grow up with broader opportunities
  • Using public forums to convey social values to children, families and communities
  • Improving child nutrition in America or other parts of the world
  • Making any other contribution which helps children realize their inherent potential